Welcome to Build Auto Media!

This website exists to help Automotive DIYers with their project cars.

First, it provides free downloadable content based on projects featured on my @BuildSomethingAuto Youtube channel such as 3D models, drawings, schematics, etc.

Second, I offer physical products for fabricators to assemble themselves to save a bunch of money on project car parts, such as flatpack sheet metal components, etc.

I hope you find this information useful. Now get out there and build something!

My Background

I paid my way through engineering school by working as a technician. My goal is to use my dual experience as both an engineer and mechanic to help save DIYers money and build better project cars. 

I started a Youtube channel with this goal in mind, but sometimes video isn't the best way to present technical information. Therefore I built this website as a place to offer technical information in its native format. I hope to soon begin offering physical products to help further this goal even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an Engineer to build project cars like yours?

NO! One reason I do what I do is to try and show you that you can learn this yourself. You don't need a degree, you just need to keep asking "why" and have the grit to keep working on that pesky project car no matter how many curveballs it throws you.

Why do videos take so long?

I do not do this full time! Unfortunately, my day job as an engineer can be pretty demanding. I would love to publish content more often, maybe some day! 

Why don't you just buy "that" instead of making it?

I don't believe it's fiscally responsible to tell myself or my viewers to simply write a check to solve every problem. Many youtubers have no problem spending 6 figures on their builds since it's usually sponsor money they're spending anyways. However my goal is to build realistic project cars that myself and every other average Joe can actually afford, and often that means trading elbow grease for dollars!

Where can I contact you for business inquiries or other questions?

However, if you have a question that others may benefit from seeing the answer to go ahead and leave a comment on Youtube! I read every comment.

Amazon Link Disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn a small kickback from qualifying purchases made using links on my website and Youtube Channel.

However, my goal with these links is first and foremost to help enable the builder/maker community by recommending useful quality products from reputable companies. If you feel any of these products are low quality or the companies behave dishonestly, or if you know of a better option, then please send me a message so I can change or remove my recommendation!